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The Archeoclub d'Italia Association was founded with the aim of supporting scholars and experts in archaeology in the dissemination of knowledge of the past. The diffusion of the archaeological and historical-artistic heritage throughout the national territory has always been Italy's greatest attraction, but it is also the main cause of difficulties in the preservation and adequate valorization of our immense wealth of art, culture and civilization. Starting from this consideration, the Archeoclub of Italy has overcome the commonplaces of a sterile and widespread criticism and has called the Italian citizens to the responsibility and the duty to collaborate with the institutions, first of all local Administrations, Universities and Superintendences, for the preservation of a heritage that has no equal in the world.

The local Archeoclub Colli Albani, reconstituted in 2014, operates on a limited but well known territory, on which our voluntary members can intervene with concrete proposals, with activities that awaken the attention of fellow citizens and induce them to consider with different eyes the heritage of the past. Our Association is able to offer to the local community and to scholars a great variety of professionalism and different competences, which often prove to be precious to identify new ways of promotion and management of monuments wrongly considered of minor importance or too peripheral for a centralized management.

There is one last thing we must remember, perhaps the most important, and that is the spirit of friendship and sincere collaboration that animates all the members of Archeoclub d'Italia, aware that the contribution of each branch, and of each of us within the branches, contributes to increasing the irreplaceable patrimony of culture and civilization that we have inherited from past centuries and that is still today the primary source of our national identity.


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Anna Chiominto
"Aspettando che sia sagra evento del 16 settembre 2023"

Luogo incantevole, guida preparata e sensibile, ottima musica.


Federica Russo
"Alla scoperta di Marino "

Abbiamo avuto l'occasione di vedere le grotte di Marino. Un'esperienza da fare, tutto molto interessante. Consiglio la visita a tutti!


Andrea De Dominicis
"Ottima esperienza"

Interessante e gradevole; una bella mattina!


Gianluca Polce
"Marino sotterranea"

Percorso interessante, istruttivo e stimolante. Guida top. Bella esperienza!!!



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